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Two woods diverged in a road. A road in the fork. Life was, is, and ever shall be, hard. The point is to just keep moving straight ahead. Eventually you find yourself somewhere. How can you meet me at the crossroads if the crossroads isn't fixed? It is a fleeting moment in time. Music is sound sculpted in time. Life is a fleeting moment of organized matter. All that said, I would like for YOU to meet ME at the crossroads.


Met a stranger on the winding way
And he looked at me with eyes of gray
Then he closed them and began to pray
Lord correct me if I start to stray

In the middle of my reverie
Saw the places I will never see
Saw the people I will never be
Saw my spirit is forever free

Meet me at the crossroads
It’s a very, very long road
And I’m taking the longest road

In the spring your head is feeling high
And in summer you begin to fly
Then the autumn teaches you to sigh
And by winter you have learned to cry

There's a river in a flake of snow
And uncertainty in what you know
Something hidden in the things you show
And a darkness in the morning glow

Meet me at the crossroads
It’s a very, very long road
And I’m taking the longest road

Like a pebble underneath your shoe
Like a cloud against a sky of blue
Like the crazy thought you know is true
Something's flowering inside of you


released May 10, 2017
sam gendel - voice, guitar
adam ratner - electric guitar
kevin yokota - drums

chris sorem - engineer, mixer
ruairi o'flaherty - mastering engineer

"Crossroads" was written by Sam Gendel and Vikram Devasthali



all rights reserved


INGA Los Angeles, California

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